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About TPD Evolution

1. TPD? The Personnel Department? Good Staff? Galt? ... What is your company name?

We do business as “TPD”.

Our legal business names are different though – these are the names you’ll see on the fine print in our contracts, paychecks, and policies:

  • United States: Galt USA Ltd.
  • Canada: The Personnel Department Ltd.
2. Why was this name selected?

TPD holds the legacy of The Personnel Department, the name that our company was founded under in 1980.

TPD also stands for Talent. Performance. Delivered.  … Because that’s what we do.  We deliver talent management and organizational performance solutions.

3. Is this the result of a merger or acquisition?


4. Are there any other changes that I should be aware of that will result from the name change?

All stakeholders have been provided critical information relating to the name change.  If you’d like to know more, contact us.

5. Where can I find additional information?

Contact us for more information regarding the TPD evolution.

Employers’ Questions

6. How do I pay for TPD’s recruitment services?

TPD Recruiting is contingency based.  This means that you do not have to pay until you successfully hire one of the candidates we recruit for you.

Job Seekers’ Questions

7. How much does TPD charge me to find a job?

As a job seeker, you do not pay for our Executive Search, Recruiting, or Staffing services.  Our recruitment fee is paid for by the client who you are hired by.

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After a great run of 33 years, we're picking up the pace.

The Personnel Department is now TPD.


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