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TPD Proud to Sponsor Lighthouse Lab’s #HTML500

We are proud to announce that TPD is partnering with Canada’s largest learn-to-code event, the #HTML500!  The event will be the largest open access education event in the history of Vancouver and is expected to increase awareness surrounding the many opportunities in Vancouver’s growing tech industry, and the many developer positions going unfilled.

The #HTML500 is organized by Lighthouse Labs, Vancouver’s Premiere Developer Bootcamp, and will be taking place on February 1st.   The 500 attendees will sit in on lectures and receive training on HTML and CSS from one of the fifty professional developers present as they learn to code their own landing page.

In British Columbia, tech is growing at a rapid rate and now employs more than 80,000 people at 8,900 companies.  In spite of these opportunities, the biggest challenge the tech industry faces is finding talent to fulfill opportunities.

“The #HTML500 is the first step towards advanced tech education for the general public,” says Lighthouse Labs co-founder Jeremy Shaki. “It is imperative that we show them, especially students, the advantages and ease of learning to code, regardless of the industry they are a part of.”

Follow us on Twitter at @TPDTweets for live updates from the event!


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